Reggio, the first Ryanair plane lands with the company’s management. Tomorrow the presentation of the new flights


By John

The arrival of Ryanair for the first time in Reggio Calabria is a highly anticipated event. The famous Irish airline has just landed at Tito Minniti airport, coinciding with the presentation of the new routes that were previously announced by the Governor Roberto Occhiuto and subsequently confirmed by the CEO Michael O’Leary. Eight new flights are expected to be introduced, presumably starting in April, which will significantly contribute to the increase in passenger numbers. These routes will include four domestic and four international destinations.

When the Boeing 737 landed, there were students, citizens and members of the press gathered inside the airport looking upwards to follow the path of the plane coming from Palermo with the management of Ryanair. Along the sides of the track they were presented Marco Franchinipresident of Sacal, and the honorable Francesco Cannizzaro, who had arrived shortly before on an ITA flight from Rome to welcome and hug the CEO of Ryanair Eddie Wilson along with his staff and company executives. The new routes will be illustrated in detail tomorrow morning at the headquarters of the Riace Bronzes.