Serious accident on the motorway in the Scilla tunnel: five injured. The conditions of a seven-year-old girl are worrying


By John

Serious accident on the motorway between Scilla and Bagnara Calabra heading south. In the late morning of today he registered on the A2 a serious accident at the last tunnel between Scilla and Bagnara Calabra heading south. Two cars and a motorcycle were involved in the crash.

Five people were injured, including a seven-year-old girl. The conditions of the little girl immediately appeared serious and she was transported to the GOM of Reggio Calabria with the ambulance. The little girl was admitted to intensive care. To motorists in transit, the situation immediately appeared serious, one of the two cars involved in the accident remained upside down. The agents of the traffic police, the firefighters and the personnel of the 118 intervened on the spot. Due to the heavy traffic inconvenience, the section of the A2 where the accident occurred was closed in both directions to provide the first aid to the wounded and to land the ambulance. After a few hours the vehicles resumed transiting in a single lane. There have been prolonged slowdowns for a few hours. Last January, still on the A2 near the Bagnara Calabra junction heading north, a ten-year-old girl lost her life. The car in which the minor was traveling stopped due to a breakdown at the exit of the last tunnel, just before accessing the Bagnara Calabra junction. After getting out of the car, the little girl was hit by a passing vehicle.