Shopping card “Dedicated to you”: the anti-price rise social card. Find out how it works and the necessary requirements


By John

Shopping card “Dedicated to you”: the anti-price rise social card. Here's how it works and the requirements.

There Card Dedicated to You it's a prepaid payment cardequipped with a “one-off” contribution of 382.50 eurosintended exclusively for the purchase of basic food items.

Main features of the Charter

Specific Use

  • It can only be used for purchases of basic food items from shops participating in the circuit MasterCard.

Economic advantages

  • Offers one 15% discount on purchases at stores participating in the promotion of the size, details and list of stores available at this link.


  • The card is completely free and works like a normal electronic payment card, within the limits established by current legislation.

Who is it aimed at?

  • The Card Dedicated to You is accessible to all citizens residing in Italy, part of families that meet the requirements specified in thearticle 1, paragraphs 450, 451 of Law 29 December 2022 n. 197 It is in the Interministerial Decree of 18 April 2023.

Assignment and withdrawal methods


  • The card is assigned via INPS And Commonwho identify the beneficiaries and communicate the withdrawal methods to them.


  • To collect the card, beneficiaries must go to the Post officespresenting the communication received, a valid identity document and the tax code.

Terms of use

  • You must make your first payment by January 31, 2024and use the full amount by March 15, 2024under penalty of losing the benefit.

Instructions for use


  • Each card has a personal PIN code. It is essential to keep the PIN secret and not write it down on the card or keep it with it.

Where and how to use the card

  • Can only be used in food shops that are part of the Mastercard circuit.
  • There is no possibility of cash withdrawal or top-up.
  • You can use terminals ATM Postamat to check your balance and movements.
  • Technology contactless allows quick payments for amounts under 50 euros without entering your PIN.

In case of problem

  • In case of loss, theft or malfunction, you can request the blocking or replacement of the card at any post office or by calling the toll-free number 800.210.170 in Italy or the number +39.06.4526.3322 from abroad.

For more details visit the website Ministry of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forestry: Click here.