Dance, the JDance Academy of Messina is racking up successes


By John

The CSEN ANMB Sicilian Regional Championships took place on 27 and 28 April 2024 at the Palafiere in Catania. There was so much anticipation and such was the turnout of young Sicilian competitors, which made the event the largest of the 2023-2024 sporting season.

Among the many participating Amateur Sports Associations, it was the one that stood out JDance Academy, based in Ganzirri of teachers Jessica Sparacio and Davide Cardile, who raised the name of our Messina, earning 9 Regional Champion titles.

On Saturday, the Over 16 athletes took the top step of the podium:

Alessia O. – Alice G. – Alice R. – Andrea V. – Annalaura R. – Astrid F. – Aurora S. – Carola B. – Chiara C. – Elena M. – Elena M. – Francesca L. – Giada A – Giulia G. – Giulia O. – Giulia P. – Giuliana C. – Giusy C. – Ilenia M. – Ivana V. – Ludovica A. – Maristella L. – Michelle S. – Miryam A. – Nives C. – Sara C. – Sara F. – Sofia A. – Sofia M.
in the Synchro Freestyle, Choreographic Freestyle and Show Freestyle disciplines in the Rising Star class.

On Sunday, however, the Under 11 athletes took the top step of the podium:

Alessandra A. – Ambra S. – Annamaria C. – Biagio D. – Giorgia D. – Giovanna D. – Laura M. – Letizia Z. – Linda V. – Lucrezia A. – Marayah G. – Matilte LT – Melissa R. – Miriam R. – Noemi R. – Rebecca P. – Serena A. – Sofia M. in the Synchro Freestyle, Choreographic Freestyle and Show Freestyle Rising Star class.

Also on Sunday, the following athletes won the title of Vice Regional Champions in the Synchro Freestyla Class D discipline:
Ambra A. – Angela R. – Aurora C. – Aurora R. – Chiara C. – Francesca P. – Gaia T. – Ilenia A – Karola DP Laura I. – Laura M

Following these wonderful results, the athletes had the honor of meeting the mayor Federico Basile, who welcomed them with great pride for having best represented the city of Messina at the CSEN event. Now, given the splendid results, intense preparation is expected to try to represent, once again with dignity, the magnificent city of Messina and the JDance Academy, participating in the historic and classic Italian FIDS championship, now FIDEMS, which will take place in Rimini, from 8 to 20 July 2024.