Sicilian deputies Fdi to allies: “Enough purchasing campaign”. Schifani: “Renzi? He had 40% now he has 3%”


By John

«Enough of a purchasing campaign to the detriment of the coalition. Brothers of Italy if he used the leverage of power to the detriment of the allies would certainly be more attractive: we are the first party thanks to the goodness of our ideas and the credibility of Giorgia Meloni and by innovating politics with an ethical code that makes coherence and legality its flag”. The group stated this at the Sicilian regional assembly of Brothers of Italy.

«We were elected in Sicily and Rome – add the deputies – to govern in coalition while respecting diversity, but on a common path that traces the path on which we can work together. Giorgia Meloni in Rome and Renato Schifani in Palermo are the guarantors of this alliance and of this path which must bring concrete answers to the honest needs of the territory and the people. Politics cannot be transformed into a frenzy of power, a ravenous search for seats. The trading of consensus is not politics.”

«We read about upcoming appointments attributed to a guy or a guy in healthcare, as if party affiliation made a CV. We don’t fit in! We are certain – concludes the FdI group – that the Schifani government (in line with the commitments undertaken) will choose the best managers. In a post-covid situation and with the many critical issues that emerge every day, the best resources are needed, regardless of party membership. We govern not to restore old systems, but to mark a change.”

Schifani: “Renzi should look elsewhere, he had 40% and now 3%”

«I feel in tune with Tajani. The time has come to work to aggregate the parties that recognize themselves in the EPP, but not Renzi who has nothing to do with those values. Renzi should hunt elsewhere, not at home. Nobody takes the bait of someone who had a 40% party and brought it to 3%.” Thus the president of the Sicilian Region, Renato Schifani, speaking at the regional congress of the DC referring to the next European elections.

“I have special powers to create waste-to-energy plants”

«By September the government will launch an energy decree, special powers will be given to the president of the Sicilian region for the construction of waste-to-energy plants on the island. We worked with the ministry on a shared text. Once we have the name, the challenge is to create the works quickly and quickly. It’s an opportunity we can’t miss. I will be relentless if I verify that pieces of bureaucracy are working badly, I will make public complaints.” Thus the president of the Sicilian Region, Renato Schifani, at the regional congress of the DC in Palermo.

“The Delrio law has failed, let’s vote for the Provinces”

«The failure of the Delrio law is there for all to see. The Rigopiano tragedy would not have happened if the Province had been there. It’s a problem of functionality, Sicily needs it more than other regions. We already have a bill in the Regional Assembly, the chamber is sovereign. The electoral moment will be established by events, when the government decides the date of the administrative elections we will discuss it. Combining them with the European ones, we can talk about it. I’m interested in substance, I’m less interested in detail.” Thus the president of the Sicilian Region, Renato Schifani, speaking at the regional congress of the DC in Palermo.