Siderno 2030 on municipal competitions: “Hiring… from a magic circle”


By John

The “Siderno 2030” movement presented a written question to the mayor Mariateresa Fragomeni on the competitions carried out by the Municipality of Siderno. «We do this because, after our documents published in recent weeks, it has been reported to us from various quarters – writes the association chaired by Paola Albanese – that the Municipality of Siderno seems to have been transformed into a very special “employment office”, where it would seem that winners of the competitions and those entitled to eligibility are all caught within the same magic circle».
Therefore, after listing a series of hypotheses, “Siderno 2030” asks «for what ulterior motive, newly hired staff, presumably still in a probationary period, have also been included in some examination commissions, in clear contrast with what is established by law as well as by constant jurisprudence which establish that “the examining commissions of public competitions must be composed of expert technicians with proven competence in the subjects covered by the competition”? It is conceivable – continues the “Siderno 2030” note – that the composition of various commissions has almost always seen the rotation of the same municipal officials who, on some occasions, could even have found themselves in potential conditions of incompatibility/conflict of interest , probably undeclared, with some candidate? ».