Single check 2023, here is the payment calendar with all the dates from July to December


By John

Inps and Banca d’Italia have agreed on payment dates from July to Decemberto facilitate the families who receive the Unique and Universal Cheque for dependent children and respond to the need for certainty of delivery times. In detail, an Inps note reads, in favor of the beneficiaries of the service already in the previous months or in cases where the installment of the service has not changed, payments will be made on the following dates: 17, 18, 19 July; 18, 21, 22 August; 15, 18, 19 September; 17, 18, 19 October; 16, 17, 20 November; 18, 19, 20 December. The payment of the first installment of the benefit will normally take place in the last week of the month following the submission of the application. On the same date, the amount of the installments due will also be credited in the event that the check has been the subject of a credit or debit adjustment. The beneficiaries involved in the adjustment will in any case be notified by email or text message and will be able to check the details of the calculation on the INPS website or by contacting a trusted intermediary.