Sizing in Reggio: a 17-piece mosaic. Versace avoids administration


By John

The Metropolitan City of Reggio Calabria has approved the school sizing plan. Following the rigid parameters of the numbers and the rigor of the accounts, dictated by the Region’s guidelines, we ended up having to choose the 17 autonomous schools that will be merged with other institutes. A document written following an extensive process of discussion and discussions with mayors, school managers and territories, which leaves a trail of protests in its wake. Document that was sent to the Citadel for definitive verification.

Sizing in Reggio city

But for its part, the administration of the Metropolitan City meanwhile claims compliance with the timetable as well as the criteria. Elements Versace reiterates that should avoid the risk of a hypothetical administration.


The territory of the metropolitan city has 22 educational institutions with fewer than 600 students, divided into 15 comprehensive schools, an educational direction and six secondary schools. After the listening phase, the offices of the Metropolitan City received 64 municipal resolutions and ten proposals to expand or modify the training offer.
In total, 11 mergers have been envisaged for comprehensive institutions/didactic management and 6 for second level ones; of the latter, three concerned institutions of the same municipality and three with areas of competence of territorially contiguous institutions. In this process, the comparison with the school building sector also proved to be very important. Based on the guidelines provided by the Calabria Region, 17 institutes have been merged or downsized, divided into five comprehensive and high schools in the Tyrrhenian area, six in the Ionian-Grecanic area and another six in the city of Reggio Calabria.

Sizing in the province

And it was precisely for an institute in the Municipality of Reggio that an appeal was made to the Region: «In the “Galilei-Pascoli” comprehensive institute, the hospital section insists that it guarantees training, also through home care, to the most fragile children. We would like – said the acting mayor Versace – greater attention to this reality and the guarantee that the service can continue without even a second of interruption. In fact, we need to keep our attention high when we talk about hospitals and home care, which is already lacking in our latitudes.