Social workers and political parties in Messina? Controversy erupts over registrations in South calls North


By John

There is controversy in Messina between the regional deputy and leader of South calls North Cateno De Luca and the senator of Italia Viva Dafne Musolino, his most faithful ex, on hiring of some social workers in a subsidiary of the Municipality who would then join De Luca’s movement.

It all started from a press note by Palmira Mancusoregional coordinator of “Più Europa”, then taken up by Musolino, who said she was surprised to have learned that the councilor for social policies of the Municipality of Messina Alessandra Calafiore would have been called to “enroll” in the movement a certain number of social workers newly hired in the investee Messina Social City. «The thing – explains Musolino – if it were true would be very serious because the impartiality that should regulate the action of the public administration would be lost. I therefore made a note with which in turn I asked the Mayor and the councilor to clarify the circumstance and I highlighted that social services operate in a sector where the fragility of the recipients does not allow for shadows of any kind. This is why I asked for an intervention from the mayor to urgently and publicly clarify this matter to protect both those interested in the service and all citizens who contribute to the municipal budget.”

The reply was immediate Cateno De Luca through a live Facebook broadcast: «Dafne Musolino who is now alarmed, did not do the same when councilor Calafiore together with the whole team was looking for votes for her and then elected her senator. I don’t think that a politician can decide which party social workers join and they are free to join whoever they prefer. No one forced these assistants to register with South Calls North.”

Councilor Alessandra Calafiore also replied: “Once again the regional coordinator of Più Europa and Senator Musolino, they try to discredit the Municipal Administration by reporting information in which they suggest behavior that would be contrary to what is not clear. We have now arrived at proscription lists based on whether one belongs to one political group or another. Well as far as I know there are some social workers registered in the South calls North, some registered with the Pd, some with Forza Italia, then there are some registered with the CGIL, some with the CISL, some with the Catholic Action, some with the Tennis Club… I believe that we are bordering on madness…and we want to represent a reality that doesn’t exist and has never existed. I believe that in this specific case it does not please the writer that the professional social service offices work in harmony with the Administration, this is a certain and incontrovertible fact that has emerged publicly numerous times, including in council activities. We would like to point out that the process of stabilization has certainly made it even more free from any conditioning, if anything it could be doubted that there has ever been the staff and this has been achieved in every area as the previous and this Administration has always combated precarious employment”.