Sorical, 2023 financial statements approved


By John

The Sorical Shareholders' Meeting approved the 2023 financial statements. The sole director of the company Cataldo Calabretta, in the presence of members of the Board of Auditors, illustrated the accounting data to the member Calabria Region: The Value of Production stood at 122.8 million euros. Production costs recorded a reduction of 18 million euros in 2023 due mainly to the drop in the electricity bill from 63.8 million euros in 2022 to 43 million euros in 2023; The EBITDA (Gross Operating Margin) data of 34.9 million euros and the Operating Profit of 6.3 million with the operating profit of 0.8 million euros are significant.

During 2023, the first operational year after exiting the liquidation procedure, the company made investments amounting to 9.3 million euros, of which the Smart Water Innovation of 5.5 million euros under the Calabria ERDF Operational Program deserves attention 2014_2020. This investment was necessary so that Sorical, as manager of the supply sources, from 2023, as the Sole Manager of the Integrated Water Service in Calabria, will be able to proceed with the management, according to the multi-year acquisition plan defined with ARRICAL, of the entire network of water distribution to the end user, as well as the sewerage network and purification systems.