Spalletti and the promise to the Italians: “To the Europeans all for the same cause. Beans? Technical choice”


By John

“We must make a promise to all Italians that we will be worthy of the fortune that has befallen us, we will have to prove that we are worthy of wearing this shirt and having within us all those things that Italians feel for us, so many beautiful things.” As Luciano Spalletti in Coverciano where the national team gathering in view of the European Championships began. «Speaking to the team I reiterated that we must have one aspect clear, the pride of wearing the blue shirt which is the shirt in which an entire country recognizes itself – continued the coach – We must show that we do a job with many privileges and also different advantages, that we are all fighting for the same cause. We have a wonderful opportunity to multiply the expectations and emotions of many people who follow us and will come to see us, we need to breathe their breath and experience the same feelings that they transmit to us by loving us even from home. Beans? First of all it is a technical choice.”