Crotone, mistreats his wife and children for years: approach ban for a 56 year old


By John

The personnel of the local Flying Squad carried out the precautionary measure of removal from the family home and prohibition of approachingordered by the Judge for Preliminary Investigations of the Court of Crotone, against a 56 year old man from Crotoneunder investigation for the crimes of domestic abuse and personal injury, committed against his wife and three children.

The provision arose from an intervention by the police of the General Prevention and Public Aid Office of the Police Headquarters for a report of a family dispute; the officers, upon reaching the house, found the woman and her children particularly shaken, as well as with clear signs of beatings on their faces, so much so that they required medical attention from 118.
At this point the “code red” procedure was immediately activated and, with the coordination of the Public Prosecutor's Office at the Court of Crotone, various elements of evidence were collected in a short time which revealed a series of episodes that had occurred over the last few years, in which the man had threatened and beaten his wife and children, often while in a state of alcoholic intoxication.

Having awaited the results of the activity, the Public Prosecutor's Office of Crotone made a request for an appropriate precautionary measure to the investigating judge, who issued the measure of removal from the family home and a ban on approaching the woman and her children, carried out by the agents of the Squad Mobile who immediately tracked down the man, who was notified of the provision.