Splendid comeback victory for Crotone over Monopoli, arithmetically winning the playoffs


By John


MARKERS: 12'pt De Risio, 22'st and 25'st Tumminello, 35'st Gomez
CROTONE (3-5-2): D'Alterio 6; Leo 5.5 (33'st Rispoli 6), Gigliotti 6, Loiacono 6; Tribuzzi 6.5, D'Errico 5 (20'st Felippe 6.5), Vinicius 6, D'Ursi 5(20'st Kostadinov 6.5), Giron 7; Tumminello 7.5 (32'st D'Angelo 6), Gomez 6.5 (40'st Comi sv). All. Zauli 7
MONOPOLIES (3-5-2): Dalmasso 5.5; Ferrini 5.5 (28'st Berman 5.5), Bizzotto 5.5, Angileri 5(41'st Peschetola sv); Viteritti 5.5, Borello 6.5, De Risio 6.5 (39'st Ardizzone sv), Iaccarino 5.5 (39'st Bulevardi sv), Barlocco 5.5; Tommasini 5.5 (28'st De Paoli 5.5), Sosa 6. All. Taurino 5.5
REFEREE: Costanza di Agrigento 5.5
NOTE: a minute of silence was observed in memory of Mattia Giani, a 26-year-old who passed away during the Eccellenza championship match between Lanciotto Campi and Castelfiorentino. Tickets 713 revenue 3,061.00 Season ticket holders 3,341 accrual 10,710.69 Total tickets 4,054 revenue 13,771.69 Bookings: Vinicius, De Risio, Sosa, Giron, Ferrini, Tumminello Corners: 4-4 Recoveries: 2'pt, 5'st

Crotone with 52 points is arithmetically in the playoffs. With the splendid comeback victory over Monopoli, Zauli's men hit their first goal of the season with one matchday to go before the end of the regular season. At the “Scida” the Pythagoreans had not won since January 7, against Catania, but against the Taurino team it was necessary to put in a performance of sacrifice and heart, which arrived in the second half after the first double substitution made by Mr. Zauli. Felippe and Kostadinov, in fact, brought energy and confidence to the team which strongly and deservedly brought home the three points needed to secure the playoffs. The match immediately gets uphill for the Pythagoreans with Monopoli coming through in the 12th minute thanks to De Risio's goal. In the second half, especially after the first double substitution, we see another Crotone on the pitch who first, in the 22nd minute, closes the gap with Tumminello. In the 25th minute they equalized with a brace from the rossoblu number 93 and in the 35th minute the hat trick came from Gomez.