Reggio, 20 years of Leonida Edizioni at Palazzo Alvaro


By John

The event desired by the publisher took place in the Sala Perri of Palazzo Alvaro Domenico Polito for the 20th anniversary of the Leonida Publishing House directed by him.
In the presence of a large audience of enthusiasts, authors and representatives of citizens from the world of culture, the rich history of this precious reality in Reggio Calabria which boasts around 800 publications and has always pursued, quoting the publisher Polito, the objective of combining “culture and social commitment” but also “knowledge of peoples and dialogue”.

The Xenia Book Fair Festival has been witnessing this meticulous editorial work in the city for years now, having become an event strongly characterized by international collaborations with other countries: in particular Georgia and Armenia.

In this sense, Leonida Edizioni links the past well, through publications of an exquisitely classical nature, to the contemporary, with the publication and dissemination of works by authors with extremely topical profiles.

For the institutional greeting of the Metropolitan City, Mayor Giuseppe Falcomatà spoke with a reflection on the value of culture as a tool for critical analysis of phenomena and of writing, as well as reading, as indispensable means to free oneself from what reason alone cannot understand.

“I want to thank, first of all, Domenico Polito and Leonida Edizioni – began Falcomatà – for the work done over the years which have made it, in fact, a point of reference for culture in our city and in the south of the country. Culture gives us the tools to understand phenomena, it allows us to be aware of what is happening around us and get an idea. Those who spread culture should only be thanked because they make a courageous investment.”

“Writing – the Mayor further points out – gives us the opportunity to deal with those often incomprehensible events rationally by offering tools of awareness; reading, nevertheless, is a true refuge for the soul and allows us to go to that famous Elsewhere, transcending the ordinary vicissitudes of life: this is why it is a necessary and indispensable practice. Thanks to Chi, therefore, he offers us the opportunity to find this Elsewhere that gives us the strength to move forward”.