Sport enters the Constitution. Minister Abodi: “Now dignify and implement the reform”


By John

The Chamber of the Chamber definitively approves the constitutional bill which inserts the protection of sport into the Constitution unanimously, with 312 yes votes. The measure had already received the green light from the Senate at second reading (170 yes, 1 abstention) on 17 May and at first reading on 13 December 2022 (145 yes and 4 abstentions). And there had already been unanimous approval in the Chamber on April 4th. The text is made up of a single rule which adds to article 33 of the Charter, which talks about art and science: “The Republic recognizes the educational, social and promotion value of psychophysical well-being of sporting activity in all its forms “.

Abodi: “Now dignify and implement reform”

“On the one hand it will be necessary to promote this reform and on the other we will have to know how to interpret and implement it, as well as ennobling it. A provision in the Constitution is not enough even if it is a very important step, but it will be fundamental to make it live in political and government choices , national and on the territory”. Thus the Minister for Sport and Youth, Andrea Abodi, commented on the final approval of the Chamber for the inclusion of Sport within Article 33 of the Constitution. It is “a great team game that sport teaches every day: in this way we will recognize the educational, social and psychophysical well-being promotion value of sporting activity in all its forms”, concluded Abodi.