Sports director Antonio Amodio arrives in Crotone, his contract with Giugliano has been terminated


By John

“The Giugliano Calcio 1928 company announces that it has reached an agreement between the parties for the consensual termination of the contract with the Sports Director, Mr. Antonio Amodio. The club thanks him for the excellent work done in these two years and wishes him the best personal and professional luck.” With this press release, the Campania club announces the interruption of the relationship with the sporting director, after two very positive seasons in which the Giugliano placed first in twelfth place and then in eighth. Now the young but experienced sports director, now ex Giuliano, is free and ready to start the new experience on the banks of the Ionian Sea. Amodio, for whom a two-year contract is ready, will work alongside and support the general manager Raffaele Vrenna both in the management of the transfer market but will above all deal with scouting (he was also responsible for the scouting area for Spal's Southern Italy).

“It is by going through the greatest challenges and battles that the most unexpected goals can be achieved.” Thus begins a post via social media by Antonio Amodio who greets and thanks his now former club. “Hunger, courage and great determination – continues the director from Campania – a culmination dictated by a journey made of great sacrifices. A special thanks to the entire Mazzamauro family, in the persons of Alfonso, Elena, Ciro and Renato, a friend, first of all Thank you for what you have given me, always grateful to this city and this family. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!”.