Stefano Bandecchi aims to be prime minister: “If you need a leader, here I am”


By John

He resigns as mayor of Terni now writing it in black and white after yesterday’s announcement via social media but Stefano Bandecchi he does not intend to leave politics. He aims even higher than the guide of the Umbrian city. At the next European elections with Popular Alternative but for him “it is already clear” that he will become Prime Minister. «When will the race take place and if we have to have a leader then I want it to be me», he assured.

However, before thinking about the polls, Bandecchi must close the issue of the Municipality of Terni. He was not seen at Palazzo Spada today but he did send the letter of resignation, little more than a line addressed to the City Council and the general secretary of the Municipality. «The undersigned Stefano Bandecchi hereby resigns from the position of mayor of the City of Terni» we read in the «digitally signed» document. The Consolidated Law on local authorities now provides that “the resignation presented by the person becomes effective and irrevocable after 20 days from presentation”. In this case, the Council is dissolved, with the simultaneous appointment of a commissioner. A period in which Bandecchi will be able to decide to withdraw his resignation from office and therefore to continue the legislature. Or let the deadline pass that will lead to new elections for the Municipality. A first issue will be addressed already on Monday morning when the City Council meets, which was already expected before the mayor’s announcement. «Of course I’ll be there, they pay me – he says laughing – Even if the Terni council is a great waste of time, especially listening to the opposition’s controversies. Maybe I’ll come to vote and leave it at that.” And to the question whether a step backwards is possible he replied: “if we have to create a photocopy party of the rubbish seen in the last thirty years in Italy, it is better to give up”. «Do we want to create – he added – a party that is competitive with the others? Well, out of eight hours a day, how much time do we want to dedicate to internal wars? I would say two minutes, not five hours.”

On Radio Roma Sound fm90 the mayor explained that his resignation “is not due to investigations by the judiciary”. “They’re not even part of the fact that I expressed a simple concept – he added -: a normal man doesn’t kill his woman if she doesn’t like being with him, but at the very least he goes off to look for another but I it seems that a large part of the Italian people did not understand. I didn’t want to resign as mayor, but I made promises to the people of Terni and I must guarantee them what I promised.” A strictly political question, therefore, which projects him towards the European elections. «I will run as the leader in all the constituencies and I hope to reach 4%», he assured. «It is clear that I will become Prime Minister – she added -, since the things I can do for the nation no one else is able to do. Popular alternative will make the difference because many voters of Fratelli d’Italia, Forza Italia and the Democratic Party know that they must vote – concluded Bandecchi – for the only man who can solve the problem».