Cosenza, the Mazzocchi variable. Caserta could move him to the left


By John

Caserta’s training plans for the match against Modena could undergo a slight change compared to the latest releases. The coach from Melita, in fact, seems oriented towards adjusting Simone Mazzocchi’s position. The Milanese striker started by occupying the central position next to the top striker both against Sudtirol and against Pisa. The 25-year-old, however, also gave his best against Alberto Aquilani’s Nerazzurri when he was diverted into the left lane. His action, in collaboration with Gianluca Frabotta, generated the momentary Sila advantage signed by Gennaro Tutino. The role played by Mazzocchi in the 1-0 was of capital importance. After the defensive turn of the ball, the number 30 was called into action by Michael Venturi. The player owned by Atalanta, for whom the rossoblù have snatched the right of redemption (the orobics kept the last word while ensuring the possibility of the counter-ransom), intelligently slid the ball, evading Touré’s pressure and, first, he handed the ball over to Gianluca Frabotta, who with his movement in an advanced position attracted the pressure of Barbieri and Marin, freeing up the space for the insertion of Mazzocchi who at that point freely penetrated the back and, under pressure from Touré and Caracciolo, he then set the table for Tutino, who remained free and able to “shoot” free from any marking.
The left axis has become a precious factor for Cosenza, it had already worked reasonably well even in the match in Bolzano against the South Tyroleans when Frabotta and Florenzi they created the best options in the first part. The coach, therefore, will reflect again in these days before making the final decision because moving Mazzocchi to the wing would mean excluding Florenzi from the eleven, who is also destined to start from a tight position in the 4-4-2 (or 4-2-3 -1). Caserta touched on this aspect in his post-race analysis last Saturday. In particular, he underlined how the environment had repeatedly prodded him on the choice to deploy Mazzocchi, a position from which, however, according to him he showed many interesting things, in the possession phase but also when the Sila players do not manage the ball since he gives balance due to the amount of playing field that he is capable of covering by carrying out expensive, obscure work.
With the former Reggiana and Sudtirol on the left, the central piece would remain to be covered, the piece generally advanced or set back a few meters depending on the occupant. Mirko Antonucci is now also a candidate for the latter. The alternatives represented by Idriz Voca and Francesco Forte also remain valid (the ownership of the Roman could lead to the retreat of Tutino).
Rossoblù diary. In yesterday’s session, Cimino and Gyamfi returned to the group at full capacity while Meroni, who was also out in the “Braglia” match, continues to carry out his personalized program. The Sila group carried out motor activation and strength work in the gym and then continued with some exercises on pressure ball possession. Meanwhile, the sports judge has disqualified Modena midfielder Antonio Palumbo for one match: a heavy absence for the “Canaries”.