Storm over cultured meat, Prandini of Coldiretti attacks Della Vedova in front of Palazzo Chigi


By John

Clash outside Palazzo Chigi between Coldiretti president Ettore Prandini and +Europa deputies Riccardo Magi and Benedetto Della Vedova. The two parliamentarians had gone to the Coldiretti sit-in on “Natural food, no artificial! Let’s defend health” which is present right in front of the Palazzo headquarters to demonstrate in favor of the provision that introduces the ban on synthetic meat. The dispute, quelled by the police, broke out when the two parliamentarians displayed signs reading “Cultivate ignorance. The ban on cultured meat is unscientific and anti-Italian”. Prandini attacked Della Vedova, calling him a criminal, and there was also some pushing. At the end of the argument, referring to Prandini, the two parliamentarians underlined that the president of Coldiretti “is a person who should not have such a role, we ask for the intervention of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni” and announced that they will file a complaint.