Strong smell of gas, Luzzi middle school and classical high school students evacuated


By John

Luzzi classical high school and middle schools evacuated. This morning, upon entering, the students immediately noticed a strong smell of gas in the premises. A teacher immediately felt ill, so the students were kept outside the building. The safety manager, Professor Gesualdo Rendace, deemed it appropriate to immediately alert the firefighters to understand the source of the strong presence of gas. Meanwhile, the police from the local station and the traffic police also arrived on site and removed teachers, pupils and other school workers.

Fire brigade experts have found that the strong acrid smell came from the basement of the school, where a run-down municipal motor vehicle had been running for some time. The exhaust fumes slowly reached the classrooms and other areas of the school. The teacher responsible for safety therefore deemed it appropriate to completely suspend lessons, sending all the students home as the air, especially in the classrooms, was unbreathable. Sigh of relief from the families for having escaped the danger.