16-year-old tourist in the throes of convulsions: Messina Marshal Merlino does an encore and saves her with a colleague in the center of Milan


By John

The news has already made the rounds in the Milanese newspapers and among the protagonists there is a marshal from Messina who is no stranger to this type of event. A 16-year-old Swiss tourist on holiday in Milan with her family and friends was saved by her carabinieri on duty who managed to avoid the worst.

The drama began last Sunday shortly after 11 in the morning, in the center of Milan, in Corso Buenos Aires. A Radiomobile patrol noticed the young woman in difficulty, surrounded by worried passers-by. The two soldiers the Messina marshal Giuseppe Merlino and the selected carabiniere Luigi Paternuostothey promptly understood the gravity of the situation: the girl was the victim of strong convulsions and was losing blood from her mouth.

The timely intervention of the two who, without hesitation, alerted the emergency medical service, was decisive and while waiting for the ambulance to arrive they worked to keep the situation stable: while one of the soldiers tried to hold the girl, the Messina marshal acted promptly, opening her mouth with a swab to avoid the risk of suffocation and clearing the airways with a nasopharyngeal cannula, using the tools from the first aid kit at their disposal.

The rapid and competent intervention of the carabinieri was crucial: without them, the young woman could have lost her life. Fortunately, thanks to their promptness and skill, the girl was saved and transported safely to the emergency room of the De Marchi pediatric clinic for further checks.

Marshal Giuseppe Merlino from Messina had already saved a rider from the fire that damaged a building at number no. last December 2nd in Milan. 16 in via Arquà, “diving” into the flames and taking the 29-year-old who was trapped inside and then released from hospital in February out of an apartment.