Student from Crotone remembers the tragic story of Pasquale Polverino, killed in Naples by the Camorra


By John

In Naples, on 4 May 1977, the waiter Pasquale Polverino was killed during a robbery while he was carrying out his work in a restaurant, which no longer exists today, located in Corso Vittorio Emanuele. Pasquale is only 23 years old. He is married and has two very young children. Five years after his arrest, thanks to the testimony of Maria Speranza and a Jesuit, Father Ernesto Santucci, the real culprits of his murder were discovered: 26-year-old Vincenzo Muzzico, Pasquale's son-in-law, and Salvatore Variale, a twenty-four-year-old Neapolitan.

The National Coordination of teachers of the discipline of human rights intends to remember the tragic story of Polverino, through the reconstruction made by the student Beatrice Moschella of class I section. D of the Filolao Scientific High School in Crotone.

“On the evening of May 4, 1977, the young Pasquale Polverino, only 23 years old, was killed during a robbery in the restaurant where he worked. Pasquale worked at the “La Taverna del Ghiotto” restaurant in Naples and it was here that during the evening of May 4th, while he was arranging some tables, two men with uncovered faces entered and threatened the owner of the restaurant and Pasquale with rifles. While the two men approached the cash register to take the money, as the robbers had requested, an accomplice entered inside warning their companions that the time had come to escape because someone was coming. Thus a shot was fired from the rifle aimed at Pasquale's back which proved lethal. Pasquale Polverino was known by everyone as a serious and determined boy and his life was taken away from him by two criminals. The young man left behind a wife and two very young children. Pasquale Polverino was one of the many victims of the mafia who managed to get justice, because four years after his death the two culprits were arrested thanks to a witness.”
Simple people, common people; with many dreams in the drawer. Mafia, Camorra, 'ndrangheta do not actually follow any code of honor: children and innocent bystanders often find themselves among the “collateral damage”; It doesn't matter how much suffering you cause, but it is essential to dominate your territory of reference.

A simple concept and cruelly functional to its criminal purposes.
Yesterday we wanted to remember the story of Pasquale Polverino so that such events should never happen again, because we can and must imagine a civilization in which every single member can live while maintaining their rights as citizens and respecting the rules not because it constitutes an obligation but as need/expression of a higher social aggregation, the one we hope to arrive at in the not too distant future.