The culture to unite Calabria and Albania: the idea of ​​arbëreshë lessons in schools


By John

The strengthening of the bond between Italy and Albania also passes through culture. And in particular it involves the conservation and protection of the language that the Calabrian Arbereshe municipalities have guarded and handed down for centuries. A language that represents the culture and strengthens the identity of a people who arrived in Italy as early as the mid-1400s; which identifies the largest Arbereshe community in Italy (over 58 thousand people); which also represents a bridge through which to connect Italy with the countries of the Albanian-speaking Balkan area. The Minister, the Vice-President of the Council and Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, has reiterated this several times, Antonio Tajanimeeting the President of the Republic of Albania, Bajram Begaj, in Pallagorio, one of the three Albanian-speaking municipalities in the Crotone area. «With the president of the Occhiuto Region – explained Tajani – we are evaluating the possibility of having the Arbereshe language studied in elementary schools, with special lessons that will allow us to continue to pass on this language. So we are working with the Foundation of the Arbereshe communities in Calabria to give an answer to the people of this land who want to preserve their language, their tradition. After all, these are the roots of the future. No one can and must deny their identity, their history, but must look towards the future with optimism.”