“Suggestioni dal Set” celebrates its tenth year with film music composers


By John

“Suggestions from the Set”, a format on the show and its protagonists, created and hosted by the journalist from Messina Marco Bonardelliat the eighteenth Rome Film Festival reaches the milestone of the tenth edition and celebrates it with the great composers of film music, at the Spazio Lazio Terra di Cinema of the Lazio Region, at the Auditorium Parco della Musica.
“From Rome to the South, a bridge in music” the theme of the event which brought together Pivio, Franco Micalizzi, Paolo Buonvino, Maurizio Filardo, Michele Braga, Giuliano Taviani and Andrea Guerra around a table, to comment on «that impalpable aspect of images that fixes the memory to the emotions. Music from masterpieces that have marked history, becoming soundtracks of our lives”, said Bonardelli, who at the beginning, on the images of previous editions, recalled the genesis of the format, his predilection for interviews and the need to give a framework for multi-voiced dialogue with entertainment professionals.
The composers thus each spoke about the peculiarities of their music and the relationship that binds them to the directors, revealing how it is not always the script that suggests the right sound. «The matter we manipulate, music, already in the word that derives from “muses” has to do with the gods – said Paolo Bonvino, from Scordia (Catania), close collaborator of Gabriele Muccino – therefore with something divine, even if not religious, certainly superior. This attitude makes us authors of the most impalpable and subtle part of a film.” On the images of the “Diabolik” trilogy by Manetti Bros., Pivio, author of the music with Aldo De Scalzi, revealed the evolution of the soundtrack from the orchestral score of the first, up to the Seventies prog of the second and to R&B and funky of the third. Maurizio Filardo, from Castelvetrano (Trapani), Paolo Genovese’s trusted composer, began his partnership with the Roman director when he decided to abandon musical production. A collaboration that still lasts today in the series “The Lions of Sicily”, from the historical novels of Stefania Auci from Trapani.
Collaborator of Roberto Andò for “La Strazzazza”, Michele Braga talks about his self-taught beginnings and his training with private lessons, as well as the choice to use traditional popular instruments such as the mandola and the mandolin typical of Rome and of Lazio. Coming from a family of directors, Giuliano Taviani, Vittorio’s son, would have liked to follow in his footsteps, but at 19 he discovered a passion for music which freed him from the family burden. At the event he recalled the soundtrack, created with Carmelo Travia from Lipari, of “Figli” (Giuseppe Bonito), the last screenplay of his friend Mattia Torre, who died prematurely. Andrea Guerra is also a son of art, who talked about his beginnings with the production of music for submarine documentaries and the collaboration with Ferzan Ozpetek which began with “Le fate ignoranti”, where he discovered a director who is not afraid to upset the script to give back , even through music, a masterpiece.
Closing in joy on the famous notes of “They called it Trinità” by EB Clucher with Franco Micalizzi, who between irony and truth told the background of what was his first artistic collaboration. The event was promoted by Suggestioni Press with the patronage of the ACMF – Film Music Composers Association, chaired by Pivio.