Messina, tram derails at the Zir terminal: the intervention of a crane is necessary. Atm: “No consequences”


By John

Fear in the night in Messina. A tram vehicle derailed around 9pm at the southern terminus (Zir terminal). A powerful crane had to be brought in to put it back on the tracks. Fortunately, no consequences for people have been reported.

Atm’s clarifications

“The tram derailment that occurred last night around 9pm at the southern terminus had no consequences whatsoever”. This is what is specified in an Atm Spa note. “At that moment – the Transport company explains – there was only the driver on board, who was carrying out the technical exchange operations to reverse the direction of travel”.

“The tram had just finished running north-south and had to make what in technical jargon is defined as a “switch” to get onto the tracks of the tramway heading south-north. The incident occurred because a switch positioned at the Zir terminus was remained open by a few millimeters and, while the first and third trolleys had no problems, the central trolley (so-called carriage, as it is the lightest) came off the tracks”.

“The car in question – they underline from the headquarters in via La Farina – has not suffered any type of damage and is in perfect working order”. “Just yesterday morning – the company states – all the exchange points had been cleaned, as happens periodically to guarantee maximum safety during the technical operations for reversing the direction of travel of the tram”.