Superbonus: collapse of new construction sites in April with the “Giorgetti cure”


By John

Super bonusthe Minister's strategy Giorgetti slows down the expansion of new construction sites. According to data published byAeneas, last April jobs worth around 350 million euros were recorded, a sharp drop compared to almost 6 billion in March. Il Sole 24 Ore reports it.

Superbonus, Giorgetti: “The bill is already very high”

The Superbonus containment policy implemented by Giorgetti is showing its effects. The ENEA data for April highlight a significant reduction in investments, which return to more sustainable levels for the state coffers. In the last month, the declarations concerned around 350 million in investments and just over a thousand new construction sites, marking a slowdown compared to previous months.

The first data without the 2023 flu

These numbers are relevant because they represent the first data not influenced by the race for the 90/110 percent deduction, which ended at the end of 2023. Until March, the communications to ENEA still included statements linked to that period, while the April data they fully reflect the discount reduced to 70 percent. This brought the Superbonus to more manageable levels.

Comparison with March

In April, 1,063 new construction sites were started with 344 million in investments allowed. The completed investments amount to just over 380 million, with accrued deductions of approximately 400 million. By way of comparison, in the previous month, investments of 5.7 billion euros and deductions of 7.8 billion were recorded, with over 13,000 new construction sites. The drastic reduction is evident, particularly in condominiums, which in 2024 remain the only ones still eligible for the tax benefit.

These data demonstrate how the “Giorgetti cure” is effectively reducing the fiscal burden of the Superbonus, bringing it back to a more sustainable level for public finances.