The Strait Area becomes a unique tourist product


By John

A shared program to make the Strait Area a “single” tourist site. An ancient ambition that the relaunch of the Strait Airport has speeded up. In fact, many pieces of the puzzle are fitting together around the new routes of the “Tito Minniti”, cementing that common identity that brings together the two shores separated by three kilometers of sea. The arrival of Ryanair has in fact brought out the potential of an area that can count on a vast and articulated basin. Potential unexpressed until now. In fact, it is no coincidence that the low-cost airline itself, in light of the encouraging numbers recorded in these first months, is moving to expand its commercial offer (in May, flights to Barcelona recorded a load factor of 89%) .
The Irish company has in fact requested new slots to fly from Strait Airport to Dublin for the 2024/2025 winter season with 2 weekly flights. Even if it is not a real upgrade but rather a “replacement”, in fact the connection with the Irish capital should take the place of the route to Manchester which is no longer “bookable” after the month of October.