Taibi: “Reggina excites me. Mine was just a goodbye.” The warm welcome of the “Granillo” to the former sporting director


By John

He attended the match against Trapani, welcomed with enthusiasm by the amaranth public. We are talking about sporting director Massimo Taibi who met again in Reggio after the unfortunate ruling of the Council of State: «I was pleased – he says – to have breathed the air of the “Granillo” again. They were two intense days in which I saw old friends again.”

Did he just come for a courtesy visit?

«In reality I decided to go down to Calabria to see two or three young people from Trapani, also because for about a month I have been working for an intermediation company located in Bologna. I often go abroad to see budding talents. I had this opportunity and I decided to seize it. In Reggio I also spoke with the parents of a boy with strong technical skills. I also met with sporting director Mussi of Trapani, as well as with my friend Pippo Bonanno.”

We saw her leave the stadium midway through the second half. Why did he leave so soon?

«I had an appointment in Salerno with Inzaghi and De Sanctis. We had dinner talking a bit about everything. Pippo is still tied to the city of Reggio, so much so that he has decided not to leave home. Unfortunately, something incredible happened that prevented us from continuing our journey along the Strait. It didn’t have to end like this. Seeing Reggina in Serie D saddens me because it is not a category in keeping with the club’s reputation.”

What did you tell each other with general manager Ballarino?

«I didn’t know him, he made a good impression on me. However, I thank the management for their hospitality. I felt strong emotions hearing the choirs of the South again. Maybe they’ll see us again at the “Granillo”, not right away.”

Has the general manager offered you a collaboration?

«No, we had a friendly dialogue. Mine, as I have repeatedly declared, is not a farewell, but a goodbye. I consider Reggio my adopted city.”

What impression did Reggina make on you?

«Positive. The team fought, even if Trapani proved to be stronger. Despite the knockout, there are some interesting elements such as Provazza and Cham. The latter, however, was not on the pitch due to an injury. From what I’ve been told he has ample room for improvement. In fact, he can play multiple roles and I would also see him as an attacking winger.”

Don’t you think that the current workforce lacks a prolific talent?

«Some problems emerged in the last sixteen metres. I would add that Rosseti is still not at the top and Bolzicco was absent. But Bonanno and Pellegrino know how to move and in the market that will open in January they will try to intervene.”

Are Trapani, Syracuse and Vibonese unattainable?

«They’re going strong. Reggina will have to try to get into the playoffs, an objective within their reach to hope for a repechage.”

How do you judge Trocini’s work?

«I consider him an important coach who has always achieved prestigious results in this category. It is still premature to make any judgments because the season is long. We are in November and, I repeat, we will have to wait to make a 360-degree assessment.”

Could the preparation that began late have had an impact on the stuttering start of the amaranths?

“Yes. For reasons that are known, the group did not carry out the retreat and Trocini certainly cannot work miracles. Trapani, Siracusa and Vibonese have been training since July and the difference on the pitch is evident.”

What is your opinion on Martinez?

“He’s strong, I’ve seen him make amazing interventions.”

Does the Castrovillari match hide any pitfalls?

“More than one. Don’t be fooled by the Rossoneri’s position in the rankings. Reggina, however, will have no alternative to the three points. A draw would be of no use to her and would be considered a misstep.”