Intimidation in Cetraro, an Ecologia Oggi compactor on fire. Let’s mention: gestures that take the city back in time


By John

A new very serious act of intimidation took place yesterday night in the Tyrrhenian town, most likely of malicious origin. This time, the company that deals with both separate waste collection and street sweeping in the Cetrara area, Ecologia Oggi Spa, owner of theCompactor truck set on fire by unknown persons around 11.15pm, now completely destroyed. The vehicle was located inside a warehouse which houses other vehicles from the same company and which are used daily for the aforementioned services. The depot borders the old municipal stadium, as well as a well-known city restaurant. And it was the owners of the place who noticed what was happening, immediately alerting the Carabinieri of the local station, the fire brigade and some workers from the company, all of whom quickly arrived at the scene of the incident. The timely intervention of the Fire Brigade therefore prevented the flames from spreading to the other vehicles parked in the depot, which the company’s workers then took steps to make safe by taking them out of the structure. The damage from the fire, according to a first estimate, would amount to around 100 thousand euros.

As soon as he was notified of this new serious act, the mayor, Ermanno Cennamo, and the entire municipal administration, strongly condemned what happened, issuing a note. “Once again – we read in the same – unknown persons have attempted to intimidate a company that operates in our community with delinquent and crazy gestures. The arson attempt by waste collection vehicles must be condemned without delay and without too many blatant forms. These are terrible gestures that attempt to take the city back in time. We will be the cordon of legality and respect for the rules and this is why on Monday morning I will meet the council, the president of the municipal council and the council group leaders, to jointly implement initiatives to tackle the crime phenomenon. I also asked the president of the Paola Association of Accountants, Dr Fernando Caldieroto meet the Deputy Minister of Justice, Paolo Sisto, who will go to a public initiative promoted by the same Association of Accountants in the last ten days of November. On that occasion we will express all our concerns and ask for targeted support against crime.”