Taormina, De Luca’s choice for his council: «I say no to the increase in allowances»


By John

He defines it as “a question of ethics and aesthetics”, with the aim of showing the desire to establish an austerity regime within the Palace. Mayor Cateno De Luca decides not to introduce in Taormina the increase in administrators’ compensation, provided for by Regional Law 13 of 2022 which made the adjustments to the salaries of mayors, councilors and presidents of the Council established by law applicable also in Sicily national. A power granted to the Municipalities that various bodies in the district have already exploited in recent months, approving resolutions and decisions to modify the amounts.
«The adaptation proposal came to me on the table, but I said no – says De Luca -. I don’t receive anything because I’m a regional deputy and with a single allowance I carry out two roles, I don’t agree to adapting them but not because it doesn’t touch my pocket, but because the Municipality is in bankruptcy and I had to increase everything to avoid another one, I don’t feel like raising the amounts to the maximum in front of my fellow citizens, even if it’s legitimate.” Currently the mayor’s allowance is 3,098 euros and would increase from January 2024 to 4,140 euros, that of the deputy mayor would vary from 1,704 and 2,277 euros, the councilors would earn 1,863 instead of the current 1,394 euros, while the Prime Minister would rise from 1,380 euros to 1,863 euros . Increases which can be covered by the Region upon request.