Taormina, tax collection to a private company: among its partners it has the deputy mayor of Barcelona


By John

Send thousands of letters to taxpayers to recover unpaid taxes over the years, avoiding the statute of limitations.
This is the task that the Municipality of Taormina entrusted yesterday to a private company, which will take care of the support service for processing activities, issuing and notification of notices of assessment of tax and non-tax revenue IMU, TARI, water fee and land occupation, for the years 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022to be completed by December 31st.
The task was entrusted by the head of the Economic-Financial Area, Angela La Torrewith direct entrustment to the operator “Siciliam It Srl” of Messinawhich presented an offer of 84,000 euros, identical to the starting price for the auction, for a total cost of 102,480 euros including VAT at 22%.
Society is one controlled by the Maggioli group and is 70% owned by “Maggioli Spa”, 25% by “3 G Holding Srl” owned by Agostino Previtera from Messina (who is also CEO of “Siciliam It”) and for 5% of Santi Calderone, deputy mayor of Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto.
The institution decided not to request the definitive guarantee (5% of the contractual amount) as “Siciliam It Srl” appears to be an economic operator of proven solidity. The need to turn to a private operator was expressed by La Torre as there is a «shortage of personnel assigned to the Tax Office, aggravated both by the situation of financial difficulty which prevents the start of hiring procedures, unless previously authorized by Cosfel, and by the numerous retirements of units which make it extremely difficult to continue to provide qualitatively and quantitatively efficient and effective services to the community”.
So the hunt begins for the amounts never paid to Palazzo dei Giurati.