Taurianova «Book Capital 2024» the municipal library opened


By John

«A great emotion». Thus the mayor of Taurianova, Rocco Biasi, commented on the opening of the municipal library which inaugurates the initiatives promoted for the proclamation of Taurianova “Book Capital 2024″. «We have worked for this result – said Mayor Biasi – since the day we took office. We started with the strength of will, with the help of city associations and the people from the civil service.”

The senator attended the inauguration Roberto Marti, president of the Culture Commission of Palazzo Madama, according to whom «the proclamation of Book Capital represents for Taurianova an important recognition for a territory whose redemption also passes through culture. A redemption that becomes even more significant if we consider the handover that Taurianova received from an important city like Genoa, Book Capital in 2023″. The prefect of Reggio Calabria, Clara Vaccaro, present at the initiative, noted how «culture is fundamental for the individual and collective growth of a community. This is an important day because culture sets you free and freedom comes through knowledge.”