Taurianova Italian Book Capital 2024: among the objectives is the reopening of the municipal library


By John

«In the heart of the Gioia Tauro plain, a place of beauty and contradictions, Taurianova's intellectual enthusiasm has built a promise of rebirth and redemption». With these words the president of Cepell Adriano Monti-Buzzetti the presentation of Taurianova, Italian Book Capital 2024, opened on May 2nd at Villa Zerbi, a recognition strongly desired by the Minister of Culture Gennaro Sangiuliano.

In the video link Monti Buzzetti also underlined: «His ancient Greek, Oscan, Byzantine and Norman memories, as well as the closest memory of eminent fellow citizens such as the Latinist Francesco Sofia Alessio and the philosopher Antonio Renda, they constitute the ideal historical legacy that fuels the creative fervor of municipalities, associations and private individuals in a promising laboratory of cultural welfare”. The 'La Citta della Cultura' project, awarded by Cepell, aims to involve and raise awareness in the local community on the issues of reading and cultural exploration, giving life back to the Antonio Renda municipal library and its very rich heritage of over 20 thousand volumes, to ensure that it becomes an attractive cultural center as well as a growth driver for the entire community. New cultural offerings will be added to some historicized events, such as Taurianova Legge and Taurianoir, in a crossroads of ideas, visions and contaminations between different artistic languages. This is also thanks to the twinning with three events which over the years have contributed to promoting the image of the city: the Infiorata, the International Madonnari Competition and Villaggio Sud Agrifest. Particular attention will be paid to vulnerable subjects, young people, schools and educational agencies in general, to combat the phenomenon of educational poverty which is too often the scourge of some areas of the South. The project also develops on other fronts: the Local Pact for Reading which today has 35 signatories between public and private bodies, cultural associations, educational institutions and other local entities. Taurianova, Italian Book Capital 2024, is also the promoter and leader of a new initiative: the establishment of a 'Borgo Culturale Diffusò, a collaborative network that transforms each village into a stage of an immersive cultural journey. The president of the company was present at the inaugural conference Capital Book Commission of the Ministry of Culture Pierfranco Bruni; Giusi Princi, vice president of the Calabria Region; Carmelo Versace, deputy mayor of the Metropolitan City of Reggio Calabria; Rocco Biasi, mayor of Taurianova; Maria Fedele, councilor for culture of Taurianova and artistic director of 'Taurianova Capitale del Librò and Maestro Cesare Berlingeri, whose artistic work inspired and accompanies the graphics and logo of the Italian Book Capital 2024, moderated by the journalist and artistic co-director of 'Taurianova Book Capital Piero Muscari. “We want to redeem the past, to chart a path towards the future together by relying on the power of Culture, the only one capable of elevating us” said Mayor Biasi, recalling that this small town in the south of Calabria has 15 thousand inhabitants. «Taurianova Capitale of the Book of Italy is a milestone but also the beginning of an ambitious project conceived and carried out in recent years” explained councilor Maria Fedele.