Taverna, the city of Mattia Preti aspires to be the capital of culture


By John

The goal may be ambitious. But the mayor of the small town in the Catanzaro area which climbs from the Presila hill to the peaks of the Sila plateau, underlines that his city has more to say in terms of culture even compared to much larger centres. And so it shouldn’t be surprising Tavernhometown of Mattia Preti and a medieval village in the Catanzaro area, among the protagonists of seventeenth-century Italian painting, will compete for Italian Capital of Culture 2027. Everything is ready in the Municipality for the presentation of the application in view of the evaluation procedure which will be held next spring under the aegis of the Ministry of Culture.
The mayor, Sebastiano Tarantin, says he is sure of the validity of the proposalor. «An idea – he explains – the result of a reflection on the new strategic role of small villages, which have become increasingly cultural and tourist attractors and increasingly at the center of the regeneration policies carried out by the government. Just think of the Pnrr Borghi and the Fund for small municipalities with a tourist vocation”.
And it is precisely the participation in this last tender, with the project presented by the Municipality of Taverna highly evaluated, that encouraged the mayor to attempt the challenge of applying for Italian Capital of Culture.