Ten hunters caught in a prohibited area on the Nebrodi. 7 rifles and over 160 ammunition seized


By John

An intense one anti-poaching activitiesconducted by the regional Forestry Corps in the territory of Nebrodi Parkled to the seizure of seven rifles, over 160 ammunition and various material.

Ten hunters, in particular, were caught in Falsone Soprano and Portella Cirino, between Mistretta and Capizzi, while they were preparing to hunt in a prohibited area. Among the weapons seized, smooth-bore rifles and semi-automatic carbines with laser pointers, probably intended for pig hunting, ammunition of various calibers, a knife with a 21 centimeter blade and a belt used for dragging carcasses. There are three groups of hunters, with a total of 14 dogs in tow, for whom in addition to administrative sanctions there will also be referral to the judicial authority for introducing weapons and carrying out hunting activities in a protected area.

It was the director of the departmental inspectorate of Messina Forestry Giovanni Cavallaro who illustrated the balance of the activity carried out by the men of the detachment of Caronia, under the command of commissioner Salvatore Scaffidi Fonti, and of Mistretta, under the command of the superior inspector Sebastiano Giordano.