Terrible accident on state road 106 in Botricello, two drivers injured


By John

The fire brigade team of the Catanzaro Command, Sellia Marina detachment, intervened at approximately 8.05 pm on the SS106 in the municipality of Botricello due to a road accident. Three cars were involved: a Fiat Punto, a Volkswagen Golf and a third car that was parked on the side of the road.
The two drivers were injured. The firefighters intervened to extract the driver of the Fiat Punto who was stuck inside the vehicle as well as making the site and vehicles safe. Both injured people were entrusted to the healthcare staff of Suem118 for treatment and subsequent transfer to a hospital with two ambulances.
Carabinieri on site for the relevant obligations. Traffic disruptions, the SS106 in the section affected by the accident closed to traffic until the end of the rescue operations.