The 39-year-old arrested twice in three days does not observe the ban on approaching his ex-partner

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By John

In recent days, the State Police Agents of the General Prevention and Public Rescue Office of Reggio Calabria, following a report from the Operations Room of the Police Headquarters, arrested a 39-year-old man for failure to comply with the ban on approaching his ex-partner.
The woman asked for the help of the Police when she noticed the presence of her ex-partner near her home, despite the fact that he was subject to a ban on approaching the offended party and the places frequented by him. The Agents intervened immediately and stopped the man very close to the woman’s home and, after identifying him, declared him under arrest for violating the provisions imposed on him by the measure to which he was subjected. The man had recently finished serving the measure of house arrest with an electronic bracelet, for the crimes of escape, threats, persecutory acts and residential burglary. The arrested person, as ordered by the Judicial Authority, was placed under house arrest.
Two days later, following a report received on the 113 emergency line of the Police Headquarters, the police personnel arrested the same person for failure to comply with the measure prohibiting him from approaching his ex-partner.
The man entered his ex-partner’s apartment, taking advantage of the absence of her and her two minor children, and waited for their return.
When the ex-partner returned home, realizing the man’s presence, she ran away with her children, finding refuge in her parents’ home where she requested help from the Operations Room of the Police Headquarters.
The Police Officers, who immediately arrived on site, stopped the man, already the recipient of a warning from the Police Commissioner and under special surveillance, who was still in his ex-partner’s home and, also following the woman’s complaint, arrested him for failure to comply with the obligations to which he was subjected, including that of keeping 1km away from his ex-partner and to leave immediately in the event of an occasional meeting with her.
The Judicial Authority validated the arrest made by the State Police and ordered the man to be sent to prison.