De Luca books a position as an expert at the Municipality of Messina: he will monitor the work of the Council and participate


By John

Cateno De Luca makes himself available to the City of Messina and starts a review with Mayor Basile of the work done by the councilors and the subsidiaries. Press conference this morning by the leader of Sud chiama nord who, after the analysis of the vote that he had anticipated yesterday evening at Fiume di Nisi, is entered into the merits of the administrative activities of Palazzo Zanca. “This is a city under political siege because the other parties want to attack our fort and since this is my fault, I feel obliged to help Messina and its administration.”

He books a free expert position, at least informally, and wants to analyze the action and timescales for achieving all the objectives that the Mayor has given to his council and subsequently to his subsidiaries. “It’s not possible that companies don’t know what a councilor wants or that a councilor doesn’t know what a subsidiary is doing” he says. Two examples of activities that will be explored in depth: one is what happened at the Aldo Moro park and the other is the story of the water restrictions of recent days. “In 10 months we will conclude our checks and when the boards of directors of the subsidiaries need to be renewed we will make the appropriate assessments.”