The beating of Davide Ferrerio in Crotone, the trial of the minor dispute confirmed


By John

The Juvenile Court of Catanzaro confirmed the probation of Martina Peruginothe 19-year-old girl under investigation for complicity in the attempted murder of Davide Ferrerio, the 21-year-old from Bologna attacked on 11 August 2022 in Crotone and now hospitalized in an irreversible coma in the Emilian capital. For the girl, who was a minor at the time, probation had already been ordered last April when the magistrate of the Juvenile Court, Emanuela Folino, suspended the trial to allow the alternative measure to be implemented. The Court of Cassation, however, annulled that order by accepting the appeal of the Prosecutor’s Office in which it was argued that the preliminary hearing judge’s decision was lacking in reasons. The 19-year-old is the young woman at the center of the story which led to the attack on Davide Ferrerio due to an absurd mistake of person. During the new so-called rescission judgment, celebrated before the criminal panel of the Juvenile Court, the young woman was defended by the lawyer Aldo Truncè, who argued: «The girl did not want the attack and did not have the possibility of foreseeing the dramatic outcome of the attack. In recent months you have undertaken a journey of maturation and personal growth which has led you to be able to understand the gravity of the situation and to want to commit to change.” The public prosecution, represented by the chief prosecutor Alessandra Rubertohad requested house arrest.