New storm over chef Salt Bae: “salty” bill of 100 thousand euros for 4 people. And the followers are outraged


By John

The prices charged by are back in discussion Salt Bae, the Turkish chef who has already sparked heated controversy numerous times on the web and on social media for the exorbitant receipts issued in his restaurant Nurs and Steakhouse. A few months ago the bill for 161 thousand euros, now the controversy has arisen an account worth 100 thousand euros for four people. Bae shared a reel on Instagram showing a receipt showing the bill paid by diners at his restaurant in Dubai. In the post the chef wrote”Money comes, money goes“, or “Money comes, money goes”.

In the photo you can clearly see what customers consumed with the relative prices next to it. A “huge waste”, this is the comment of numerous followers. There was no shortage of references to the Israeli-Palestinian war: “You could have fed the entire Gaza Strip for a month with that money.” And again: “Such a waste of money. It would be nice if at least 50% went to charity in Gaza.”