The “Chinese drug factories” between Cosenza and Catanzaro: 5 people arrested, arrests also in Holland. 580 kg of marijuana seized


By John

A barrage of arrests ordered by the Catanzaro district attorney’s office, led by Vincenzo Capomolla, definitively dismantles the Chinese drug “factories”. “Factories” specialized in the production of top quality marijuana produced in Calabria in large quantities and sold in the metropolitan areas of distant Holland. The oriental production chain was located inside anonymous industrial warehouses in small towns in our region.

This is what the investigators of the Corigliano Rossano police station, directed by the deputy commissioner, discovered last July Giuseppe Zanfini and those of the Cosenza flying squad, led by the deputy commissioner Gabriele Presti, raiding three different structures located in the provinces of Cosenza and Catanzaro. Now the last blow struck by the police commissioner’s office Giuseppe Cannizzaro with the notification of the restrictive measures and the discovery of another “factory” in the industrial area of ​​Castrovillari and the seizure of 580 kilos of marijuana ready for sale.

Five people of Chinese nationality were stopped: three in Castrovillari and two in Salerno. Other arrests have been carried out in recent weeks in the Netherlands at the instigation of prosecutor Capomolla and the district prosecutor Stefania Paparazzo where the narcotic was marketed.

The police headquarters led by Giuseppe Cannizzaro has therefore discovered for the first time in Calabria the illicit affairs managed by crime from the country of the Great Wall. No one would have imagined such a scenario. The operation was conducted in synergy with the Castrovillari prosecutor’s office directed by Alessandro D’Alessio. The Pollino magistrates also conducted the first investigations after the discovery of the first warehouse.