The new Provincial Council of Catanzaro is at work


By John

The new provincial meeting takes place which yesterday validated the twelve councilors elected in the electoral round of 20 December. The broad representation of centre-right forces constitutes a solid basis for the administration led by President Amedeo Mormile who reiterated the need to carry forward the activity of an entity “that is always up to its role” in the context of what he defined as «an operation of normalization and bringing back into the context of the functions assigned to the Province». A path also marked by recovery, along which the Glass Palace administration will be able to count on over 3 million euros arriving from the biennial fund of 10 million allocated by the Ministry of the Interior for intermediate bodies undergoing rebalancing or financial distress procedures .
The assize is now officially formed by Francesco Argento, Eugenio Riccio And Davide Mastroianni (The Province Binds Us); Domenico Donato, Francesco Fragomele And Pietro Fazio (Winds from the South); Francesco Trunzo (Forza Italia); Alessandro Falvo And Giovanni Saladini (The Great Province); Tommaso Berlingò (Action); Gregorio Gallello And Igea Caviano (Progressives for the Province of Catanzaro).