“The conditions no longer exist”: Antonio Cosentino resigns as councilor for Sport of Catanzaro. Fiorita: “The whole Council considers itself null and void”


By John

Professor Antonio Cosentino has resigned as councilor for Sport of the Municipality of Catanzaro and he did so with a letter sent to Mayor Nicola Fiorita and open to all the press “in order to explain the reasons that led me to this decision”.

The letter

“Dear Mayor, I hereby submit my resignation in a definitive and irrevocable manner from the role of Councilor for Sport of the Municipality of Catanzaro. There are no more conditions and at this point I doubt there ever was, to continue to be a part of this Administration. As a non-politician, when I accepted this position I did it truly believing in a change, in a form of government that would listen to the needs of sportsmen and citizens and would work solely and exclusively for the well-being of our city and the needs of the world of sport far from party influences. I trusted this idea of ​​government with the will to get involved and to lend the experience gained over the many years dedicated to sport to make my contribution as a citizen of Catanzaro, but unfortunately over time this idea distort by getting closer and closer to the logic of party and politics and making my original vocation fail. Despite everything, I continued to work with the few resources made available to my Department doing the best that could be done and for this I have to thank the employees very much, with whom a sincere relationship of esteem and close collaboration has been established, and the technical and administrative structures that have always endorsed my needs. I also thank the members of the City Council and my fellow Councilors with whom we tried to team up, as befits true sportsmen. However, some political logics do not belong to my culture and even though I don’t fully understand them, I thank you for the trust you have placed in me, but I take a step back and I submit my resignation with the conviction that it will be useful for the growth of the world of sport in my city”.

Fiorita’s “answer”.

“I would be insincere if I said that councilor Cosentino’s letter of resignation, with its profound and non-trivial considerations, left me indifferent. The depth of the man and the sports manager is such that every word of him deserves to be weighed. I fully understand his disappointment at not having had the best conditions to carry out his project to relaunch city sport, even if I personally believe that he has done everything possible to improve the situation of the sports facilities. Nino Cosentino, who has reached the top of Italian sport, is a man who always demands the best from himself and his team. I am grateful to him for having embraced my project and for having accepted to be part of this experience, enriching it with his prestigious presence. As I did the day after the commissioner Lazzaro’s resignation, I just want to remind you that a general check by the Giunta, the famous “coupon” that I had announced at the presentation of the Executive, had to disregard personal situations or assessments. The whole council must be considered “zeroed”.

The achievement of political stability, unfortunately not achieved in the elections, imposes prices to pay and I am ready to fully assume responsibility for this, without hypocrisy and without hiding behind a finger. The interest of the city comes first and I believe that today Catanzaro, besieged by various social and economic emergencies, needs a government governed by a more solid and defined majority. I think – and I really say this without hypocrisy – that Nino Cosentino will always and in any case remain a beacon for the world of city sport, from the top of his abilities, his competence and his experience. His extraordinary love for Catanzaro makes me hope that his friendship and contribution will not be lacking in us ”.