The Democratic Party in the square in Rome. Schlein: “A new phase starts from here, there is an alternative to Meloni”


By John

Around 50 thousand people are in Piazza del Popolo in Rome, where the PD demonstration is underway. This is what Pd sources have announced. After five years the Democratic Party returns to the streets in a large national demonstration which intends to strengthen ties with its “people”, as Elly Schlein said, after “the fractures and wounds of recent years”. But he also wants to lay the foundations of that broad field, the only prospect to make the alternative to the center-right viable. Today, in fact, in Piazza del Popolo in Rome, there will not only be Dem exponents, from Schlein to Stefano Bonaccini, but also those of M5s, led by Giuseppe Conte, and of Avs, the alliance of the Italian Left and the Greens.

The 175 buses, the 7 special trains, and the 150 volunteers mobilized for the occasion, will give life to an event that offers contents that can be the nucleus of the large field platform and which also represent a “counter maneuver” compared to that of the Meloni government: defense of public health, fight for decent wages, climate justice, social justice, defense of the country’s unity in the face of the government’s differentiated autonomy. The recent agreement with Albania and the proposed constitutional reform of the executive will give other reasons to raise our voice. So far things are easy. But in the platform of the event there is also the complex theme of peace, which as regards the war in Ukraine has divided the choices of the Pd and M5s, but which on the drama in the Middle East sees the two parties united in asking for a humanitarian truce to Gaza. Two Palestinian flags are also flying at the PD demonstration in Piazza del Popolo in Rome. The flags, held by some protesters wearing keffiyehs, managed to enter the square because they were hidden to evade the security service.

Schlein: “A new phase starts from this square”

«We are the ones who have to rebuild a progressive field. We are here to build hope for the country, and this square is our answer. A new phase starts from this square, we won’t leave each other here, we will have to continue working together, day by day, and we don’t do it alone. There is an alternative, if we make it happen together, we will continue to seek convergence with the other opposition forces.” The secretary of the Democratic Party, Elly Schlein, said this at the demonstration in Piazza del Popolo, “For a more just future, there is an alternative”.

Schlein to young people: “We need your anger”

«We have opened the doors of the Democratic Party, we need your healthy anger to change things. Always fight for freedom, peace and social justice.”