Fuels, the Lazio Regional Administrative Court cancels the decree on the obligation to display prices


By John

The decree of the Ministry of Business and Made in Italy of 31 March relating to the “modalities of the obligation to communicate the prices charged by those carrying out the sale of fuel to the public” was annulled by the Lazio Regional Administrative Court. The administrative judges, with a sentence filed today, have in fact accepted the appeals presented by some management company acronyms, including Fe.Gi.Ca. – Federation of Fuel and Related Plant Managers. “The contested decree – the judges of the fourth section write – due to its contents, presents all the characteristics of a normative source. It follows the violation of the procedural rules for its adoption”, it is noted in the provision, “it being clear that, in case in point, both the prior communication to the President of the Council of Ministers and the prior opinion of the Council of State were lacking”. For this reason, the TAR states, “it must be concluded that the decree” in question is illegitimate.

Government appeal to the Council of State

The Ministry of Business and Made in Italy has given a mandate to the State Attorney’s Office to immediately appeal to the Council of State with a request for suspension of the effects of the sentence of the TAR of Lazio, which provides for the annulment of the decree with which they were established the methods for the obligation of operators to communicate fuel prices. A note communicates this. “The TAR’s decision is limited to addressing procedural issues and does not call into question the existence of the obligation established by law regarding the display of the sign”, underlines the text.

Dal Mimit: “The cartel with average fuel prices is effective”

“The rule on the display of the average regional price of fuel has amply demonstrated its effectiveness, despite the geopolitical turbulence, as demonstrated by the continuous and progressive decline in prices which has continued for over a month”, underlines a note from Mimit. Today prices stand at 1.827 euros per liter for diesel and 1.838 euros per liter for petrol. Valuations down by around 10 cents per liter compared to those of October 10th. «In recent months, in Italy the industrial price of petrol and diesel has been lower than that of other large European countries».