The destiny of all women is reflected in Persephone: the Balenando in Burrasca reading Festival closes today in Messina


By John

The praiseworthy Balenando in Burrasca Reading Festival closes in Messina at the Teatro dei Naviganti. It will be «Persephone. The return” to conclude the long and complex program of Balenando in Burrasca Reading Festival fifth editionprecisely on the longest-running independent stage in Messina: the Seafarers’ Theatreat the Magazzini del Sale, in via del Santo, 67.

Within the 2024/2025 theater season, in the “Giusto un Sabato” series, today at 9pm the theatrical reading show inspired by the mythology of the goddess Persephone, daughter of Demeter, kidnapped by Hades and becoming queen of the Underworld, will be staged.
On stage Katia Colica, voice and lyrics, with music by Antonio Aprile and video forays by Luca Granata and Loredana Delfino. The costumes are by Domenica Stelitano, videos and photos by Gianluca Del Gaiso and Marco Costantino.

A reading that brings us back to major contemporary themes in which the role of women has always been destined to the arduous conquest of their independence; recalling ferocious tragedies like those suffered by war slaves who are still traded goods today. Persephone is an ageless creature, poised between the girl she was – and will be cyclically forever – and her role as queen of the Kingdom of the Dead. On the edge of Hades, just before leaving, she turns to her husband who finds it difficult to let her go. Thus she retraces her memories without ever forgetting that she is awaited by her mother Demeter and by the whole world to allow the beginning of a new spring.

Balenando in Burrasca Reading Festival – Umani Insumani is an initiative created by the Adexo association with the support of the Ministry of Culture – General Directorate of Entertainment Special Projects 2023 Theatre.