Citizens’ Income recipients will automatically receive the Single Universal Allowance until February 2024 INSTRUCTIONS


By John

Citizens’ Income recipients will automatically receive the Universal Single Allowance until February 2024.

INPS announces that the beneficiaries of the Basic income (RdC) will automatically receive theSingle Universal Allowance until February 2024, thus simplifying the process for recipients of such supports.

Starting from March 2024, however, there will be a significant change: recipients will have to submit a specific application to continue receiving the benefit. This change requires special attention from beneficiaries to ensure continuity of financial assistance.

Furthermore, INPS has established an important deadline for submitting applications: by June 30, 2024. Applications submitted by this date will be eligible to receive arrears from March 2024. This offers a grace period for those who are unable to apply immediately in March, while still ensuring recovery of unreceived funds.

The Single and Universal Allowance (AUU): Support for Italian Families

The Single and Universal Allowance (AUU) represents a fundamental economic support measure for Italian families, introduced from 1 March 2022 thanks to Legislative Decree 230/2021 and its subsequent amendments. This initiative is aimed at every dependent child up to the age of 21, and without age limits for disabled children, provided that certain conditions are respected.

Unique Features of the AUU

The AUU stands out for being unique and universal: unique, as it aims to simplify and strengthen interventions to support parenthood and birth rates; universal, as it is guaranteed to a minimum extent to all families with dependent children, regardless of the value of the ISEE.

Calculation of the Amount and Useful Information

The amount of the AUU varies based on the economic condition of the family unit, determined by the ISEE valid at the time of the application, and taking into account factors such as age and number of children, as well as any disability situations. For further details, you can consult the dedicated section on the institutional website.

Distribution of the AUU in 2023

In the first seven months of 2023, the AUU reached 6.2 million households, benefiting approximately 9.7 million children. In total, 10.4 billion euros were disbursed, which adds to the 13.2 billion distributed in 2022.

Payment Dates in the Second Semester 2023

For the second half of 2023, INPS, in agreement with the Bank of Italy, has defined the installment payment dates from July to December (details in the press release of 10 July 2023). The payment of the first installment takes place in the last week of the month following the submission of the application, with any balance credited on the same date.

Integration with Citizenship Income

Legislative Decree no. 48 of 4 May 2023, converted by law 3 July 2023, n. 85, introduced changes for families receiving Citizenship Income (RdC). For families with minor children, disabled people and elderly people over sixty, the RdC is guaranteed until 31 December 2023, with AUU supplement paid on the RdC card. For families without these categories, the RdC will be suspended after the seventh month’s salary, but the right to the AUU is guaranteed until the children turn 21, if the required requirements are met.

Questions with different ISEE

For the over 6.2 million applications submitted in 2022 and 2023, INPS found few discrepancies in the ISEE, affecting approximately 66,000 applications. The families involved were invited to regularize their position by 31 December 2023.

In conclusion, the AUU is a high-impact measure that supports millions of Italian families, guaranteeing concrete help in the growth and well-being of their children. For further information, we recommend consulting INPS message no. 2896 of 7 August 2023 on the official website of the Institute.