The EU: «Reggio Airport is strategic and needs to be modernized»


By John

The European Commissioner for Transport Adina Valean Yesterday morning she spoke on the issue of the future of Reggio Calabria’s “Tito Minniti” airport, raised last month in Brussels by the MEP of Fratelli d’Italia Vincent Sofo through a parliamentary question.
At the beginning of July, Sofo had brought to the attention of the European Commission the situation that the Reggio airport is experiencing, underlining the paradoxical situation of an infrastructure that is at the same time a crossroads for the development of the transport network in the Mediterranean area desired and promoted by the EU but subject in recent years to a progressive weakening. A paradox that was confirmed by Commissioner Valean himself, who acknowledged Sofo’s vision regarding the strategic importance of Reggio Calabria airport, stating that Tito Minniti “plays a central role in guaranteeing the cohesion of the EU territory” and that “meets all the requirements to be part of the Ten-T global network”.
An important role, therefore, which, however, the European Commissioner himself underlines has not been supported by adequate investments, specifying that “the airport should be modernized in order to achieve compliance with the requirements set out in the regulation of the Ten-T network” but refraining from giving indications on the type of governance to adopt because it is a problem that goes beyond European competences.