New stadium, funding and visibility: the Cosenza nel Cuore association asks the Municipality for guidance on the “Marulla” stadium


By John

A delegation of the Board of the Association, avv. Antonello April and Eng. Salvatore Arcuriwas received by the Councilor for Public Works of the Municipality of Cosenza, Damiano Covelliin the presence of Eng. Peter Filice, to clarify some aspects relating to the San Vito Gigi Marulla stadium.

CONVENTION – In particular, the councilor illustrated the terms of the agreement signed with Cosenza Calcio, by virtue of which the rossoblu company will be able to carry out the restoration work on the Tribuna Rao roof quickly in order to make it usable by the fans in the shortest possible time . Among the various points, we highlight the art. 10 of the aforementioned Convention, which provides for the obligation on the part of Cosenza football to verify and guarantee the highest quality of drinks and other food products, in compliance with market prices.

FINANCING 9 MILLION – Subsequently, we focused on the request for funding of 9 million euros, which the Municipal Administration made to the Calabria Region, with the aim of carrying out interventions for the redevelopment of the plant. The councilor specified that there has not yet been any feedback from the Citadel Regionale regarding the acceptance of the request and any delivery times. Times that, we recall, for the Ceravolo stadium in Catanzaro were very quick. Councilor Covelli confided that the municipal technicians are evaluating different types of intervention, but as a guideline the basic idea would be to create new curves close to the pitch, as well as intervening on some surrounding aspects which would in any case requalify the structure (bathrooms, light board, etc.).

NEW STADIUM – The councilor also ensured that it is the Municipal Administration’s intention to completely rebuild the Marulla stadium, with modern and European criteria, also through the contribution of project financing methods involving entrepreneurial subjects who have already shown interest.

CORRECT VISIBILITY and GUEST SECTOR – Lastly, the Association has taken on the requests from the fans of the Curva Nord who ask for the removal of the protective net placed in front of the stands, in correspondence with the driveway access to the field which prevents a correct view of the playing field , as required by the new FIGC infrastructural criteria. There was also discussion of the abnormal capacity (compared to what is indicated by the FIGC infrastructural criteria) of the away sector and of the “cushions” which, in fact, deprives the Rossoblu fans of the availability of a large number of seats, especially during cartel matches.

Ing Filice and councilor Covelli took note of the legitimacy of the requests and guaranteed that they would also address the issue in the supervisory commission.

The meeting ended with the hope, on the part of the Association, that the availability shown in the meeting itself will be maintained in the future and, above all, that the ideas put on the table will find implementation, for the good of the fans and citizens .

Councilor Covelli reaffirmed his willingness to discuss and listen to requests from the fans.