The Fab-1500, the powerful new Russian bomb that is decimating Ukrainian defenses


By John

Russia has begun using a powerful aerial bomb that is decimating Ukrainian defenses and changing the balance on the front line in Moscow's favor: this is the Fab-1500, essentially a 1.5-ton weapon of which nearly half is made up of high explosives. CNN reports it. The Fab-1500 is the result of the conversion of a weapon dating back to the Soviet era into a glide bomb that can cause a 15 meter wide crater: it is dropped by fighter planes from a distance of approximately 60-70 kilometers, outside the range of many Ukrainian air defenses. This weapon is another example of how Russia is fighting the war in Ukraine, causing maximum destruction before attempting to conquer the territory, CNN comments. Recent videos from the front lines in the Donetsk region (east) have demonstrated the immense destructive potential of these bombs when they hit power plants, factories and apartment blocks. The Fab-1500 are directed towards the target by a guidance system and retractable wings that allow them to glide towards the target. “They offer a new and much more destructive stand-off attack option for many of Russia's tactical jets, which also allows pilots to stay further away from enemy defenses,” said Joseph Trevithick, an expert who has written about the development of this bomb for TheWarZone site.